A selection of kiln-formed glassware bowls and plates for display or everyday use.

Blue Parabowla, fused and slumped glass bowl.

Blue Parabowla

Fused and slumped glass with air bubbles.
Small Leaf glass plate, fused and slumped frit on glass. Boddington

Small Leaf Plate

Glass frit (powdered glass) fused to clear glass and slumped.
Tortoise Bowl, fused and slumped glass. Boddington

Tortoise Bowl

Glass selected for its patterning, fused and slumped to bowl form.
Tectonic Bubble Plate, fused and slumped glass with bubbles. Boddington

Tectonic Bubble Plate

Clear glass with a variety of bubble form inclusions.
Fracture Plate, fused and slumped glass. Boddington

Fracture Plate

Carefully cut and fused coloured glass with seed bubbles.