Unlike installed windows, my panels are portable and can be displayed in front of windows or built in to light boxes. The gallery shows panels constructed with a variety of techniques from traditional soldered through to modern fused glass.

Icarus, fused and leaded glass. Boddington


The legend interpreted to show the sun scouring and melting the glass.
Golden Hair fused glass panel.

Golden Hair

Fused multiple layers of glass and frit.
Celtic Greyhound, copper foiled glass. Boddington.

Celtic Greyhound

The knot-style design realised using glass and soldered copper foil.
Face in the Crowd, leaded recycled-glass bottles. Boddington

Face in the Crowd

Bottles recycled with heat and moulding. Leaded in wood frame.
Wall Jump. fused glass panel. Boddington

Wall Jump

Fused glass frit and surface grit blasting.
Fracture Tree, fused glass. Boddington

Fracture Tree

Larger development of the Fracture Plate as fused glass panel.