A selection of one-off and more experimental glass pieces.

Bumble Bee, pate-de-verre fused glass. Boddington

Pate-de-Verre Bumble Bee

Test piece using classic pate-de-verre fused glass frit technique.
Hemisphere, experimental 3D copper foiled glass piece. Boddington


3D copper foiled glass with vertical blades gives optical effects.
Memorial Trophy in memory of my father, David, a model aircraft designer. Boddington

Memorial Trophy

In memory of my late father, David, a model aircraft designer.
Hidden Cave, multi-layered silk-screened glass. Boddington

Hidden Cave

Experimental multi-layered, silk-screened enamel glass.
RnR 2 lamp, multi-layered clear glass with bonded dichroic. Boddington

RnR 2, lamp

Bonded layers of clear & dichroic glass, refracting & reflecting light.
Development of light sconce glass covers to match Vine window.

Vine sconce wall-lights

Fused glass lamp lenses to match the Vine for a Wine Lover window.